University of Delaware

Integrating Social Studies into the First Grade Reading in Motion Curriculum

by Jennifer Ferris

This project is an endeavor to create an interdisciplinary integrated arts program. It is based on the pre-existing Reading in Motion program, a literacy program. It explored how social studies can be integrated into the cirriculum. It sought to determine how literact and social studies could be taught side by side using drama, movement, and music. Fifteen rising first grade students in the University of Delaware Early Learning Center took part in the abbreviated pilot study, which spanned a five week period with a total of eight lessons. Pre and post tests were used to show that sixty percent of the students improved in literacy, and ninety-three percent improved in social studies. The entire program will be taught in the Fall of 2011, which will span fourteen weeks and include sixteen to twenty lessons. The pre and post tests will be amended to include the assessment of arts skills. The results of the pilot study suggest that the program will be successful when implemented in its entirety.