University of Delaware


by Paige Glassman, Zakkiyah Johnson, Teagan Thomas, and Rachel Schotz

In Spring 2011 Paige Glassman and Rachel Schotz worked on designing lessons targeted at middle school age students. This summer Paige Glassman, Teagan Thomas, and Zakkiyah Johnson taught their four lessons at Bayard Middle School in Wilmington, DE, which integrated dance and creative movement concepts into transportation topics. The material covered pollution and carpooling, accident prevention, reading a bus map, and transportation during the Industrial Revolution. Paige and Teagan attended the Dance and the Child International’s Fourth National Gathering at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX where they presented their integrated lessons at the teacher’s symposium. After completing the Bayard Summer School Program, the following results were compiled:

1. Dance Integration into transportation topics is significantly helpful. The post tests showed great improvement in both dance and transportation topics.
2. The material is challenging yet age appropriate, and can be taught and modified for other schools.


Paige and Teagan teaching at the daCi conference